A 24-Hour Nedventure in Iceland (In Photos)

February 26, 2019

A 24-hour Nedventure in Iceland (In Photos)

Adriaan Zimmerman
Co-Founder of Ned

Last week, Ret and I jumped across the pond to Europe in search of the world’s purest ingredients for our next product line (we’ll have plenty more to come on that later). The destination was the Netherlands, but on the way, we made a 24-hour pit stop in Iceland. After all, if we were going all that way, why not take the time to find a little adventure while learning about medicinal plants in another country?

Iceland is a small country of 340k people with a vast landscape made up of lava rock beaches, active volcanoes, geothermal pools, and dramatic peaks. In all seasons, Iceland is a true representation of the Arctic. In the winter, you can expect short and dark days, unpredictable weather, and, on clear and moonless nights, the spectacular Northern Lights.

After a restful seven-hour red-eye from Denver to Reykjavik (thanks to our very own Ned Hemp Oil), we touched down at 6am and picked up our chariot for the day; a Ned-branded Land Rover Super Defender kitted out for the Arctic. 

While it might’ve been overkill for a leisurely day sipping coffee and shopping for Icelandic sweaters in downtown Reykjavik, our actual plan was to link up with the incredible Arctic photographer, Benjamin Hardman (@benjaminhardman), and his partner, Amy Haslehurst (@brokensundowns), to explore the rough, rugged and icy terrain of Southwest Iceland.

After fueling up our bellies at an amazing café and bakery in Hafnarfjörður called Pallett, we linked up with Benjamin and Amy and kicked off our exploration for the day. The weather forecast was nippy to say the least. High winds, freezing rain, snow, and low visibility… I knew we got that Defender for a reason. And so we set off into the wintry landscape for our first overseas Nedventure. 

Rather than tell you about it, we thought we'd keep the words to a minimum and let beautiful Iceland do the talking!


Icelandic moss (centraria islandica) is actually a lichen (algae and fungi growing together) that takes on the appearance of moss. It has been used for centuries in European folk medicine as an antibiotic, cough/cold remedy, and an aid to healing wounds. 


After an incredible day exploring Iceland and thawing out over a tasty dinner in Reykjavik, we collapsed at the hotel and flew out for the Netherlands at 6am, 24-hours after landing. 

Until the next Nedventure!

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