Lifestyle | October 26, 2020

What's the Kindest Thing Anyone's Ever Said to You?

By Rory Coulter
What's the Kindest Thing Anyone's Ever Said to You?

Sixteen years ago, I got an email I’ll never forget . . .

The subject line was “weird email.”

When I clicked on it, it read: 

“This probably seems really strange, but I find it necessary to tell you that you are one of the sweetest, gentlest people i have ever met and it is an absolutely beautiful attribute to have. I hope you are always surrounded by good people who will appreciate that and I hope you are never robbed of that kindness. It was nice to see you and be reminded that people like you exist . . .”

It was from the undergraduate secretary of the English department at my university, who I’d only met briefly once. 

Simply put, I was blown away by her kindness and still am to this day. Her simple message has remained stared in my inbox and etched on my heart for nearly two decades now. 

What is the kindest thing anyone’s ever said to you? 

What kindness would you show someone, even if it felt awkward or seemed weird, if you knew it would mean so much, even years later?